New website and just setting it up in my spare time, more to come
I have made this website to aid my research into my family tree.Hopefully people tracing some of the same surnames will happen upon this site and we can share information, I am incontact with a lot of people regarding genealogy and not always from the same family so even if we are not related I might be able to point you in the right direction - just ask (Contact Me) or use links at the bottom of the page to search surnames.
My name is David Barron and I live near Brisbane in Queensland, Australia with my wife and three children. I am very interested in tracing my family tree and would appreciate any information, suggestions or help on family tree or websites. If I can assist you in any way with information please contact me. 
With help from family members we have traced a great deal of information on some branches - Archdall, Barron, Downey, Sallaway, Herron and Nicol. I am still researching and therefore always wanting more information.


I have information coming on this side of the family. My grandfather (on my mothers side) Roy Sallaway was actually an Archdall. His mothers name was Sallaway. This side of my family has bank managers to clergy. I will update soon.


James & Mary

James Barron and Mary ( ? ) had William in 1843 in the Shoalhaven Area NSW, Australia. James and Mary may have had other children (James 1842, Walter 1846 and Emma 1851) but I have not confirmed at this stage.

Was James a convict and if so which one was he?  There were -  

James Barron convicted at - Northampton (7years) and transported on the Norfolk 27 Oct 1836

James Barron convicted at Warwick (14years) and transported on the Lord Melville 11 Jan 1830

Or is there more to choose from?

What about Mary? (pardon the pun) the only Permission to Marry that I know about at this stage is for James Barron of the Norfolk and that was to Mary Foot aged 31yrs per Planter2 -life.

William & Hannah

William Barron married Hannah Wooden in Shoalhaven in 1865 and lived in Burrier, NSW and had 15 children. They were educated at Burrier school which was adjacent to their home, where the old post office is still standing.

William and Hannah's Family -

Mary Jane b 1866 married George Green,

Anne Elizabeth b 1868 married John Albert Hanson,

William Alfred b 1869,

James Benjamin (Jim) Barron

Louisa Phyllis b 1872 married James Grady,

Walter Henry b 1874 d 1875,

John Henry (Jack) b 1875,

Sarah Sands b 1876,

Herbert Walter b 1877 married Barbara Jane Abernathy,

Georgina b 1879 married Edward Tritton,

Charles Arthur b 1880 married Ada Keiza Watts,

Ethel Flora Hannah b 1882 married Hamilton Culgin,

Louis Myrtle (Bert) b 1884 married Eleanor Thompson, (My Great Grandfather)

Joseph Ernest b 1885,

Beatrice Janet b 1888 married George James MacFarlane,


Louis Myrtle (Bert) & Eleanor Thompson

As far as I know they only had one child being Milton Lewis (Bluey) Barron born in Nowra, NSW, Australia in 1914 and dying in Muttaburra Qld, Australia in 1969. He married Lillian Hannah Herron in Nowra in 1936 and had  two son Maxwell Barron b.1937 Nowra-d.2002 Deception Bay, Qld and (living) Barron (my father). He separated from Lillian and moved to Muttaburra, Qld and had three more children to second wife. His occupation was a mechanic.



Second child of William & Hannah b 18/11/1868 in Burrier NSW. I am now in contact with this branch of the family and hopefully some more information will become available including some stories about Grassy Gully Gold mine, the family fued, the naming of places in the Shoalhaven Area after our family (Hanson Hill, Mount Barron, Barron Flats etc) and I even hear a whisper about Ned Kelly.



Fourth child of William & Hannah b 18/2/1871 in Burrier, NSW and died 1952. After leaving school he went to Junee to work as a stockman and eventually became head drover. On his return to Burrier he found gold in the Grassy Gully (I am yet to find out all the details on this or the family feud that followed). From accounts that I have read so far, he was a great horseman and extremely active, keen on jumping, running and boxing, as well as breaking in horses.

I am now in contact with someone from the Minnikin side who may be able to shed some more light.



Seventh child of William & Hannah, born 2/5/1874. He lived in Nowra and Burrier till he had problems with the law. He had to face trial on perjury so he skipped away to North Queensland where he became a stagecoach driver of great renown. It was said he was a well-set-up man with a fiery temper, enormous strength and great horsemanship.

Jack apparently married a full blooded aboriginal lady in St Lawrence, Qld and had 3 children -  Topsy Francis, Stanley and Percy.

He was ultimately shot at point blank range by a drink crazed man at Bowen River Hotel. 


Any assistance in tracing family any further would be greatly appreciated.




My wife's father's side of the family. Someone has contacted me regarding this family and I have photos of Mick in the cane fields in Mackay, Qld and the family home in Ireland aswell as other information about this family. I am still sifting through it at the moment.




My grandmother's mothers side are the Nevells. There is a lot of great information about this side dating back to the 1400's including a story about Elizabeth Nevell nee Vincent and 5 bushrangers who had held up her house at Kelso NSW.


Any assistance in tracing family any further would be greatly appreciated.


Other Surnames


This Section more so than the rest is "works in progress" .  I think all family tree research (and personal genealogical web sites) are always being upraded.  This is a basic idea of some of the information I have. If you would like to see more please contact me.